McMahon-Coyne-Vitantonio Funeral Home provides compassionate, professional and affordable service to every family who calls on them.


Planning for a funeral relieves families of stress prior to the time when decision making can be traumatic.

Family-only viewing

The day before the funeral, families are invited to view the deceased as he or she will appear at the wake. This practice gives family members private time with their loved one as well as removes uncertainty about his or her appearance.

Seven-days-per-week, round-the-clock service

When you call, we will come to wherever you are at any time on any day or night including holidays.

Meetings at your home or in our offices

If you need to discuss paperwork or make preplanning arrangements, we will meet with you wherever it is most convenient and comfortable for you.

Church services

We work with churches of all faiths, handling religious observances and attending to details specific to various cultures.

Chapel services

Our conveniently located chapel provides an interdenominational alternative. Next door to the Willoughby branch, this newly remodeled facility offers a soothing environment, comfortable seating and extra parking.


The last thing families need to deal with during the loss of a loved one is filling forms and getting them to the proper offices. For no extra fees, our specialists collect your paperwork, make sure licenses and forms are filled correctly and deliver them to the appropriate office.

Follow up

When the ceremony and burial end, we do not simply say goodbye to you. We call to follow up on business matters as well as ensure that families have the best support and access to counseling.

Personal attention

Whether you have special needs for flowers, transportation, military distinctions, services or other concerns, McMahon-Coyne-Vitantonio ensures that your family’s wishes are kept as the primary focus.